Airline Trip Insurance

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Travel insurance is designed to protect you against unexpected events, like flight delays, lost or stolen luggage and personal effects, and injury or illness during your journeys both domestic and overseas. Depending on the type of policy and its level of protection, you can be covered for a number of events that can bring your

Heaters are causing fires

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Although winter is coming to and end, we are still having cold nights, which means heaters are still being used. You may have read about yet another boarding house fire. The registered premises in Coogee was destroyed beyond repair. It would appear that this fire also was caused by a standalone heater brought in by

Why Use A Broker?

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Why Use A Broker? Insurance can be overwhelming Knowing and understanding what insurance you need for your business can be complex. And you do not want to get it wrong, as this can have devastating consequences. It pays to have an insurance expert on your side. Someone who understands your business and the risks