Although winter is coming to and end, we are still having cold nights, which means heaters are still being used. You may have read about yet another boarding house fire.

The registered premises in Coogee was destroyed beyond repair. It would appear that this fire also was caused by a standalone heater brought in by a resident and said heaters were not tested/tagged during electrical inspections.

Thankfully, as yet, there have been no fatalities however some residents have been injured.

As a first line of defence to protect your property and to ensure the response of your policy we recommend:
1. All independent heaters are tested and tagged by a licensed electrician
2. Room inspections – any heaters that are not tested and tagged should be removed
3. No fuel or bar heaters
4. Posted signs/notices reminding residents to turn off their heaters when leaving the premises.

We hope this is helpful though should you have any questions on insurance matters, please do not hesitate to call our office.

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